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Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

Every woman wants to become an expert at using smokey eye makeup to get that sexy, sophisticated look for those nights on the town. However, there’s more you can do with this look – it’s pretty easy to give it a softer touch to make it suitable for wear during the day or in the evening.

Smokey eye makeup can even be an everyday look when you lighten up the color scheme. Feel free to have some fun with this look and experiment with different combinations of colors to create variations on the smokey eye makeup look. Consider teaming up soft plum, deep wine and grey shadows for a different take on the classic smokey eyes or even taupe, gold and bronze.

Follow these steps to creating the sultry smokey eye look:

  • Begin by applying eye primer from the lashes to the brow line on your eyelids. Go easy on the primer; a little goes a long way, so just smooth it on gently.
  • The next step is to choose a neutral eye shadow color and apply this base color on your whole eyelid, all the way up to the brow.
  • Follow this with a deeper color of eye shadow, applying from the lashes to the crease of your eye, blending well as you go. Take care not to blend outside of the area of your eyes and use a back and forth sweeping motion to apply the eye shadow.
  • Now we’re going to move on to a third, even darker eye shadow, preferably the darkest shade you have on hand. Apply this to the area of your eye crease, starting at one end and blending inward in the shape of an arrowhead until you’ve softened any hard lines left by the color of your eye shadow.
  • Then use a detailer brush to sweep shadow under your lower lashes – do this very carefully.
  • Next, take a liner pencil or liquid eyeliner and line your lashes. You’ll probably want to use a waterproof eyeliner here if you want to give your smokey eye makeup a more dramatic look by lining the inside of the rim of your eyes. If you’re going for an exceptionally smokey look, then you can smudge your dark eye shadow carefully over the eyeliner.
  • You can now complement the look of your smokey eye makeup by using a light color of eye shadow on the corner of the tear areas of your eyes and just under the brow. If you’d like to add a little extra glamour to your look, then shimmer makes a good addition at this point.
  • Add the finishing touch to your new dramatic look by curling your lashes and putting on a double coat of mascara. You can play up this effect even further by using false eyelashes, if so desired.

While these smokey eye makeup tips are important, remember that they’re not set in stone!