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Makeup tips for dramatic eyes

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you and they can speak volumes about who you are and the mood you’re trying to project.

In order to get the appropriate dramatic effect appropriate for the time of day, season and where you’re going, try the following dramatic eye makeup tips.

Remember that dramatic eyes aren’t something which you can only do in the evening – when you use the dramatic eye makeup tips listed here you can create a striking effect which is perfect for any occasion at any time of day or night. All it takes is the right color and intensity of eye shadow.


These makeup tips for dramatic eyes will show you how to achieve stunning, attention-getting eyes:

  • Wax, tweeze or thread your eyebrows regularly so that you always have a perfect background; this will also save you a lot of time when you decide to apply “attention-getting” eye makeup on the spur of the moment.
  • Before you apply your eye makeup, put on eye base primer to the whole eye area where you’ll be applying eye makeup: make sure to cover everything from brow to lashes. A good base primer will keep your makeup from creasing and allow it to stay on and looking great for longer. Remember to apply the primer sparingly and smooth it well.
  • When you apply the first eye shadow color, start with a medium shade and pat it on, moving from your eyelashes to the crease line, blending the makeup as you go. Once this eye shadow has been applied, then use a darker shade and apply it in the outside corner of the eye above the lighter eye shadow, on the crease line and just over the crease. This is one of the dramatic eye makeup tips not to be forgotten.
  • Still using the darker eye shadow, make an arrow or > shape on the outside corner of your eyes, blending it as you apply towards the nose. As you do this, remember to always blend inward, not outward strokes to prevent applying the makeup outside of the area of your eyes. Your goal is to have the deepest color on the outside corner of your eye and fading a bit as you move inward. This is one of the most important dramatic eye makeup tips you’ll ever learn – and it can prevent a lot of makeup nightmares.
  • Now select a lighter eye shadow as a highlighter. Apply this eye shadow just under the brow bone and blend. You can blend in the same lighter shade at the inner corners of your eyes for an extra touch of beauty in your dramatic eyes. Choosing a shimmer for this application is beautiful.
  • You’ll want to line your upper lash line with liquid eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil at this point. A lot of women decide to use some crease color shadow here over the liner to soften the appearance of the eyeliner. Sweep your darkest eye shadow over the liner, blending to achieve a smudged look. If you like, you can extend this smudge effect to your lower eyelashes. This is something a lot of people choose for daytime wear; at night, you may want to add eyeliner to the top and bottom of your eyes as well as inside the tear line.
  • Finally, curl your lashes and put on some black mascara. You’ll probably want to add two coats to make your lashes match the dramatic effects created by the eye shadow and eyeliner.
    These dramatic eye makeup tips are only a start – experiment to find what looks best on you for different occasions. Allow your eyes to take the lead and make the rest of your makeup a little more muted to let your eyes really stand out.

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