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Why Mineral Makeup?

Mineral Foundation Makeup – A Primer

Mineral foundation makeup and other mineral cosmetic items like eye shadow are gaining in popularity. Why you might be wondering? Is it because it is the most natural hypo-allergenic foundation available? Or could it be that it offers a broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection without containing harmful chemicals or parabens?

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The list of benefits of mineral makeup is long but so is the list of differences in the hundreds of mineral makeup blends on the market.

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Choose Naturally Occurring Minerals – Not Cheap Fillers

Loose mineral cosmetics are comprised of naturally occurring minerals. We gather these minerals from around the world and crush and refine the powders making cosmetics. There is no need for preservatives that can set off reactions in our skin as the mineral formula is inert so it cannot support bacteria. Some of the blends on the market do contain cheap fillers that can spoil so become a label reader to avoid those irritating bacteria harboring ingredients.

One of the ingredients you may see on the label of mineral foundation makeup is Bismuth Oxychloride. What is Bismuth Oxychloride anyway?

It is an inorganic compound made from combining bismuth and salt. Bismuth is a mineral, a by-product of refining or mining lead and copper. Just from that information we can assume that it would be a shiny product. Yes it is. It has a shiny pearlescent quality to it.

Bismuth also has “binding” properties so it helps with your makeup adhere to your skin. Here is where the debate begins.

The light refracting properties of Bismuth can camouflage fine lines and the pearlescent can cast a light on the face so color matching seems closer. It is cheap filler that companies can use to get that light refracting and adherence.

But Bismuth is a skin irritant that can clog or irate many skin types and actually cause rashes or breakouts.

There are better mineral choices that accomplish the binding and light refracting tasks that Bismuth accomplishes without the problems it brings with its use. At just B Cosmetics, we choose to not include Bismuth Oxychoride for these reasons.

And the debate over mineral makeup continues…..

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Mineral Sunscreens Allow Your Skin to Breathe

mineral concealerTwo of the main ingredients in our loose mineral foundation are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. These naturally occurring minerals effectively block both UVA and UVB rays, without an irritating chemical sunscreen additive. Chemical sunscreens can clog the pores or cause rashes in sensitive skin. With mineral foundation makeup formulas you have no greasy sticky mess that will slide off your skin. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are very water resistant.

Recommended by dermatologist this natural sunscreen protection is breathable, non clogging, weightless and easy to apply.

  • With the choice of just B mineral foundation makeup you will get a product that contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no parabens.
  • Our formula blends effortlessly on the skin to cover redness or skin irregularities giving you a luminous healthy glow. The natural properties of these minerals make this the best mineral makeup for reducing the effects of acne and rosacea as well as lessening the irritation that is common in those of us with sensitive skin.
  • Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of the mineral foundation allow just B Cosmetics mineral makeup to be a natural anti-aging solution.

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