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Learn how to apply makeup

When you decide that you want to learn how to apply makeup correctly, decide your goal.

Are you a California bride needing makeup advice?

Are you a teen looking for basic teen makeup instructions?

Be careful that the makeup advice you are reading or watching fits you.

This basic “How to Apply Makeup” primer will help you enhance your daytime look or spice up your evening appearance.

If you have any questions, please contact just B Cosmetics. Brenda Azevedo will be happy to help!

Here are my step-by-step tips and techniques:

  • Make sure you are starting with a clean hydrated face. Cleanse and moisturize as usual. If your skin is oily applying oil absorbing skin primer is your first step. Remember that primer is not moisturizer – you need both.
  • Next is picking a foundation. Foundation can be over or under used. Look at your skin and check if you need to even out your skin tone or cover blemishes. If you are teen with skin that needs no coverage, skip foundation or use it just where you feel you need it. Try foundations on your jaw line to find your perfect match. Make sure to check the foundation samples in natural light.The perfect foundation color for you should appear to disappear into your skin. Once you have the match apply with a sponge, brush or your fingers. Make sure you blend well, one of the most critical steps in learning how to apply makeup correctly.
  • Concealer (if needed) will be your next application. Concealer is a girl’s best friend but must be used sparingly. I like to apply a cream formula after foundation. The reason is some days your foundation may do the trick so why apply one more step if you don’t need it? Use a synthetic brush to apply and smooth the concealer under the eye. Remember less is more in this application. Finish with a dusting of powder to “set” the cover-up.
  • Blush applied to the apples of the cheek add a healthy glow to your face. Pick a blush brush the size of your apples or slightly bigger so that your blush color doesn’t end up all over your face.
    Grooming your eyebrows and adding color if needed would be next. Shaping your brows can change your looks for the better or worse. If you cannot manage your brows on your own, have them professionally groomed by a specialist. To define your brows once they are groomed, choose a powder or pencil to fill them in. Make sure to apply your pencil or powder with short dashes verses a solid line as you want the finished look to be “hair-like”.
  • Eye shadow opens up a world of possibilities as they come in array of beautiful colors. Most eye shadows come in a family of shades. Choose three, light, medium and darker shades. Eye primer is a great base before you apply your colors.Primer keeps your color in place all day but more than that… it keeps the color true and maintains its depth. Apply the light color from lash line to brow bone. Next apply the medium shade on the eyelid up to the crease. Make sure to start at the outside corner of the eye and blend, blend, blend! Your darkest color is next. Begin that color application in the outside corner of the eye blending inward almost forming a > in the outside corner. Build it up in the intensity you desire – as practicing with different looks makes learning how to apply makeup FUN!
  • Next, line your eyes if you desire. Liquid liner or pencil liners work well. Make sure whatever liner you choose that you work the color into the roots of the lashes.
  • Curl your lashes. This will open up your eyes. Mascara will be the last step for your eyes. Lash primer will add volume and condition your lashes if used before you add your mascara. Make sure that your mascara wand has the right amount of mascara on it, wipe off if needed to avoid clumps.Looking down apply mascara to the tops of your lashes roots and down, then apply mascara to the underneath of the top lashes bottom and up. Jiggle the wand slightly in a sideward’s movement. Bottom lashes can be covered well by holding the wand vertically. If you want to avoid mascara on the bottom lashes you can use an angled brush and sweep your medium or dark shadow color under your lower lashes.
    Lipstick or Lip gloss of your choice is the last but not least touch in your perfect masterpiece. Lining your lips is fine but make sure to blend or tap down your liner. We don’t want to see the line. You can fill in your whole lip to reduce the chances of seeing the line. Otherwise use a brush and blend the line to soften it. Apply your lipstick or gloss. You can powder between liner and lipstick to extend the life of your color.

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