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California Wedding Makeup Specialist

Congratulations on becoming a bride!

We know that everything has to be perfect on your special day, and that includes you looking your best. Wedding makeup is a concern for a lot of brides. After securing the location, finding the perfect dress and selecting the flowers and food, you want to leave some room in your budget for a wedding makeup specialist.

help applying wedding makeupIf you are looking for a wedding makeup artist for your big day in the Sacramento area, contact Brenda today to book a consultation.

You want to look absolutely beautiful on your special day. You also want to make sure your wedding makeup can stand up to the crystal-clear lens mounted on the photographers camera. Everyone knows the special day memories linger for years – however, photographs can last forever.

Choosing a qualified California wedding makeup specialist is critical to achieving your dreams for that perfect day! If you are local to the Sacramento, California area, Brenda Azevedo will make sure you are absolutely stunning for your special day.

Here are a few makeup tips that will help you on your big day:

  • Make sure you use an oil-free foundation and then create a sheer makeup look by covering your face with a finishing powder. You don’t want your wedding makeup appearing shinny or greasy in your wedding photos now do you? If your skin is naturally oily, starting your makeup routine with a face primmer is your best bet. It is an excellent base layer, applying it just before your natural mineral foundation.
  • Speaking of shine, you will want to limit your eye shadow choices. Avoid shades that are overly frosted or shimmering. The camera will be instantly attracted to the shine and it will overpower the rest of your face. If you want shimmer, applying it to the eye lid is a better choice than the brow bone. Choose shades that accent your eye color, applying the darker shade of mineral eye makeup along the crease to create the effect of a “wide-open” eye.
    Using a waterproof mascara is a essential! Brides cry – yes, even though it’s the happiest day of your life! One option is to use a mineral powder eye shadow swept onto the lower lash line instead of applying mascara. Then if you cry, simply blot – not wipe – the area. Your eye shadow should remain and you’ll be ready for the rest of the day and dancing well into the night.
  • For your lips, choose a long wearing lipstick and lip liner is a California wedding makeup MUST. Remember, you will be photographed for hours – after eating, smiling and kissing people you know (and those you may not know)! Lip liner is fantastic for outlasting even the longest meal. When your lipstick and lip gloss wears off, your lip liner will still show through (if applied correctly). Be sure to line your lips and then fill in the whole lip. As it wears through all the wedding day activities, you won’t see a telltale line.
  • Before applying lipstick, powder your lips first. This can help to extend the life of your lip color. Then apply your mineral lipstick. Finish off with the best lip gloss you can find. Be sure and carry both your lip stick and lip gloss with you so you can easily refresh your look throughout your special day.

If you would like help selecting the perfect makeup for your wedding, please contact Brenda Azevedo, your preferred bridal party makeup artist with just B Cosmetics. She’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect mineral foundation, blush, eye shadow for your very special day.